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Cafetto Specialty coffee, is a family company, whose commercial objective is to distribute coffees special, where the traceability of coffee and safety are the added value, added to the type of coffee, origin and climatic aspect. Additionally, social work is a very important aspect for us and For this we have taken into account the commercialization of origin coffee, which is produced by women with a factor in common and that is that they are women, mothers, heads of families, displaced by violence and victims of the conflict, who are paid a premium for the product, guaranteeing the continuous commercial link with these people. (this social work for Colombia)

Currently we have two special coffees, which are called by the name of the farms of
origin, such as Finca Palmerita and Finca Miraflores. With a rate score of 84 and 86 points.

Our company offers specialty coffees, with a rate score of 84 points, our goal is offer specialty coffees from different countries, thus having a diversity of coffees; that the client choose and opt for the one that most identifies you. We offer our product in different presentations from Green coffee (whole sell), whole bean, ground and k-cups.

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